Kaarva Chauth Vrat Katha

Karva Chauth is an extremely popular festival in India celebrated by married women for their husbands' long lives. On this day, the married women fast from sunrise to moonrise to ask for a long and safe life for their husbands.

Vrat Katha

The story is said to be about a woman named Veeravati who was the only daughter of a Brahmin named Vedsharma and his wife Leelavati. Veeravati was the only sister of seven brothers and hence, the most pampered one in the family. After her marriage,

Veeravati had kept the fast for her husband's long life. But, she could not tolerate the hunger and fainted before the moon showed up. Her brothers could not see her in such a miserable condition and tricked her into believing that the moon had risen. Believing her brothers, Veeravati broke her fast, but her meal was filled with bad omens. Finally, she reached her husband's house to find him dead. Veeravati broke down to see her dead husband and started mourning inconsolably. Touched by her repentance, goddess Indrani made her understand her mistake of breaking the fast without making an offering to The Moon. Goddess Indrani further asked Veeravati to observe fast every month, including on the pious day of Karva Chauth itself in order to get her husband back.

Veeravati kept observing the fast every month with utmost purity and devotion and finally got her husband back. And, since then Veeravati and her husband lived happily ever after and kept celebrating every Karva Chauth together.

Karva chauth Puja

In order to prepare for the Puja, the women buy Karva Chauth Sargi, which includes Karva Chauth Thali consisting of different kinds of adornments and Puja items like Matthi and Henna.

Karva Chauth Vrat Katha is the age-old story that revolves around the celebration of Karva Chauth and is narrated during the Puja. The women finally end their fast by having water and food from their husbands after making offerings to The Moon. The husbands then bring along Karva Chauth Gift for the wives as a token of love.

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