How to Celebrate Karva Chauth Without Letting Mom Know

Observing fast for your boyfriend this Karva Chauth? But wait, what if mom gets to know? Well, here are a few little secret tips that will help you easily make it up for the day. Karva Chauth is celebrated by married women with great dedication for the well-being of their husbands. But those women who wish to keep fast for their boyfriends or fiance need not keep a rigorous fast to express their love towards their special ones.

Begin With The Auspicious Mehndi:

Engage yourself in this beautiful ceremony of drawing mehndi on your hands and give a colourful start to your secret Karva Chauth fast. There is still a lot more to come in your way like the Sargi, preparation of the Karwa Chauth Thali set, and fasting for the complete day.

Customize The Sargi Thali:

Just before the Karva Chauth fast starts, all you need to do is pay a little more attention to the Sargi. Yes, this is what will keep you energetic and fresh throughout the day and is sure to bluff your mother. Sargi is something that is sent by the mother-in-law to her daughter-in-law which includes some delicious sweets, cosmetics, and food items.

Customize The Sargi Thali

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But, here you need to design your own Sargi Thali encompassing any food item serving as a heavy meal like a burger, fruits like papaya, pomegranate, apple, etc, to keep yourself hydrated for the next day. Wake up early in the morning and fill your stomach with fruit juice and your own customized Sargi Thali.

Maintain The Secrecy:

Surprise your mother with a beautiful gift from to keep your mother unaware of your secret fast this Karva Chauth. We present to you a wide range of designer Karwa Chauth thali sets featuring florals, Zardosi, and hand-painted patterns that will surely melt your Mom’s heart. Do not miss to get one Thali set for you so as to complete the secret Karva Chauth Vrat for your boyfriend.

Get Ready For The Ritual:

As mentioned before, Karva Chauth is the most important festival in the life of married as well as unmarried women. All the women get ready in alluring dresses or sarees, adorn themselves with jewellery, groom themselves with all kinds of Shringar, and prepare the Karwa Chauth thali set.

Breaking Of The Fast:

Unlike the married women, you need not wait for the moonrise to break your fast. Having sight of the polestar is the best solution to break your fast without letting your Mom know.

Go Digital Girls:

Those girls keeping fast for their boyfriend or fiance can complete this ritual with the help of the video call and keep your mother blind to this secret Vrat. Yes, this is the only solution if you cannot meet him or if he does not live in the same city. 

Experience the enjoyment of the secret relationship and the Karva Chauth Vrat in a different way this year without letting your beloved mother know about it. Happy Secret Karva Chauth!!

Posted on: July 3, 2020

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