How To Do First Karva Chauth Alone

Karva chauth is one of the most talked-about festivals in the Northern part of India. It is a festival that newly married women look forward to. The wife shows her devotion to her husband by praying to the moon and fasting for an entire day. Karva chauth is a festival for a day that is celebrated by Hindu women in the northern part of India. 

How to do Karva chauth

If you are going to do karva chauth on your own for the first time without the help of any senior member of the family, it can be a little challenging. Hence, here we have gone through all the steps to do karva chauth alone for the first time.

  • Preparing for Karva Chauth
  • Know the significance and origin of karva chauth. It is a festival that is mainly being held in Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh. There are some festivals that are somewhat similar to Karva chauth that takes place in India. 

  • Getting prepared for the festival
  • Preparation is an important step. You should buy a karva Chauth ki thali for the festival along with some makeups and cosmetics. You would need jewelry, karva lamps, plates as well. The local shops and stores are booming with colorful and gorgeous karva chauth items during this time.

    Waking up before sunrise 

    You have to wake up before sunrise on the day of karva chauth and get something to eat or drink. You cannot drink or eat anything after the sunrise, so it is better to eat something before. You can have soot feni if you are from UP.

    Soot feni along with milk and sugar on the night before karva chauth is going to help you to fast the whole day.
  • The Beginning of the festival
  • Remember that the fast starts when the sun rises that is at dawn. In the morning, you will spend time with women who stay in your community. There is some ritual involved.  

  • Karva chauth vrat vidhi
  • For karwa chauth vrat vridhi, you will need a sargi, which is a tradition by Punjabi people. It is a kind of food hamper a mother in law gives her daughter in law. It includes all the food items that you eat early morning after Karva chauth gets over. Sargi should have a lot of fruits such as papaya, banana, berries, pomegranate, apples, and so on. You should also get rid of oily foods as it will make you feel sick. Eat healthy food such as multigrain bread or chapati with panner and sabzi. 

  • Karva Chauth Festival
  • The day passes quickly, and it will be evening before you know it. You have to dress up and gather along with others for the karva chauth puja. The katha is read out loud as on the thali; there is a sweet, a diya, a glass of water, and some other puja materials. Now, you just wait for the moon to rise.

    Breaking of the fast

    The best way to break a fast is to look into the eyes of your husband through a sieve, and then you can take a sip of water from his hand. In recent times, husbands also fast along with their wives to break the stereotype

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    Posted on: April 2, 2020

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