What To Do While Fasting On Karwa Chauth

Karva Chauth festival falls on the fourth day of the Hindu lunisolar calendar filled with colours, joy, and happiness. Celebrated by married women to seek marital bliss and longevity for their husbands, this one-day ritual symbolizes love and a start to the new relationship. Here, “Karva” means new earthen pot, while “Chauth” refers to the fourth day. 

Women on this day drink water from this earthen pot from the Karva Chauth ki thali that is highly beneficial to their health. Accompanied by puja on the day of Karva Chauth, the fasting can be done in 4 ways like Nirjala fasting, Juice fasting, Fruit fasting, and Kitchari Cleanse for which there are certain rules to be followed.

● Go for Sargi:

To avoid dizziness, headaches, and fatigue it is advisable to wake up early in the morning, just before sunrise and consume food i.e; Sargi or Soot Feni with milk, dry fruits, and nuts to gain energy for the complete day.

● Keep hydrated and avoid tea or coffee:

Stay hydrated with beverages and coconut water just before the Vrat and avoid tea or coffee as they tend to dehydrate you later. You can also go for amla juice, green tea, buttermilk, or a glass of fresh juice that will keep you fresh and energized on the day of fasting.

● Include a large number of fruits and nuts:

Fruits containing high fiber like bananas, apples, berries, pomegranate, papaya, apricots, dates figs, walnuts, pistachios, almonds, etc that will not only provide you ample energy but also keep your stomach full.

● Say no to heavy, spicy food and sweets:

Consuming food items like paratha, pakoras, and other salty food will make you feel thirsty and increase your blood sugar level. To avoid bloating do not overboard your plate with heavy sweets, instead eat a variety of pulses, or chapati with vegetables.

● Avoid exertion of your mind:

Those women who observe a full day fast are generally advised not to indulge in any activities that are stressful. If you are a working woman, try to distract yourself in your office work or music or watch a movie with your family members.

● Engage in reading Vrat Katha and other pujas:

On the said Muhurat, ladies of the house along with neighbours get together, sing songs, and even exchange Karva Chauth ki Thali seven times. Many married women worship Lord Shankar and Maa Parvati, Lord Ganpati, Lord Kartikeya, and the Moon. Once done, Gauri Puja that holds great importance in this festival is commenced by both married and unmarried women.

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Those women who keep full-day Vrat are said to gain equal boons to a total of 100 Vrats. Benefitting not only the married life but those who are planning for a child can also observe this fast on the auspicious Karva Chauth.

Come, cuddle-up the love with your husband and let your relationship flourish more and more each day. Make the most of the opportunity to enjoy every single moment of the ritual that includes the preparation of the Karva Chauth ki Thali and getting ready for your soulmate.

Posted on: September 20, 2021

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